Missionary Care

As a missionary you will have experienced many unique stressors while in your cross-cultural setting and in addition to that, coming back to your passport country or culture can bring many challenges. You may be finding that your  families, friends and churches are having difficulty understanding  what your life has  been like and aren’t giving you the time, space and care that you need to process all your experiences.

Debriefing in a relaxed, supportive setting with someone who has overseas experience and will listen and care can be vital to emotional and spiritual vitality as you transition back to your passport country. Debriefing gives you an opportunity to process the disappointments, failures, trauma and losses while also celebrating all that has been good. It will help you make sense of your experiences and  emotions and it will restore your sense of purpose and joy.

Even if you have been debriefed by your mission agency or church you may find a more in-depth, experiential and reflective debriefing helpful.

Individual, couple or family debriefing is available at my office and can take place during a morning, a full day, or a couple of days. I’m happy to discuss the options with you.