Sessions, Rates and Location

Sessions are approximately 60 minutes (90 minutes for couples).

The standard fee for an individual session is $120 ($160 for couples).

Special rates are available for people in missions and ministry roles. Please ask me about those.

And for others, if the cost is prohibitive to you I will happily discuss the option of a sliding scale based on your income, as my desire is to provide a service that is accessible to you whatever your circumstances. Alternatively, if you are a member of a church, mission or ministry agency, your faith community may be able to help you with the costs of counselling.

A 3 hour debrief for missionaries and other cross-cultural workers is $255. Please refer to the Missionary Care page of this website for more details.

All sessions are online via Zoom.

Before our first meeting I will send you the Intake Form and the Informed Consent Form. Please complete the Intake Form and send it to me at least 24 hours before we are scheduled to meet. Here’s a link that describes how to send a document password protected – it goes through the directions for various versions of Word, and for Macs (at the end). It’s more straightforward than it looks at first glance! You will need to choose a password for the document and I will use that to open and read it. Let me know if you have any questions about this, or if you run into any difficulties

Please read the Informed Consent form. If you have questions or concerns about it I am very happy to discuss those with you when we meet.

Payment is at the end of each session. Please pay by E-transfer or paypal in Canadian dollars.

If you are with Blue Cross, ManuLife, or SunLife insurance they may cover some of the costs of counselling.

I am a certified professional counsellor in good standing with PACCP (registration # 20200241) and with ACTA (registration #1727).